San Diego Child Pornography/Molestation Attorney

Child pornography is a widespread phenomenon in today's cyber-oriented society. Child pornography laws are updated as quickly as new ways to commit the offense are concocted online. Law enforcement agencies in California and nationwide aggressively pursue alleged perpetrators of child pornography crimes, such as:

  • Production or possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of erotic images of underage subjects
  • Downloading and viewing pornographic pictures of children online

If you have been charged, or believe you will be charged, with a child pornography offense, you are strongly urged not to talk to anyone about the case before you talk to a child pornography defense lawyer.

Contact San Diego Criminal Defense to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss probable best lines of defense if you are under investigation, have been charged, have been arrested, or have been convicted of possession of child pornography photos or videos.

Attorney Timothy Richardson is an experienced criminal trial attorney who knows how to hold the prosecution to the fire. Can prosecutors prove every single piece of evidence used against clients of San Diego Criminal Defense? Perhaps computer forensic personnel were unable to recover complete images from child pornography sites that are used as alleged evidence against the accused.

Child Molestation

Another widespread epidemic in American life is child molestation. Reasonable people everywhere agree that sex abuse of children, exploitation of a child, child abuse, or so-called "consensual" sex with a minor are deplorable crimes.

Perhaps just as damaging as child molestation, however, is the frequency with which false or exaggerated accusations of child molestation take on a life of their own.

Does the "Evidence" Hold Water?

  • Did your estranged spouse or domestic partner or ex-wife or ex-husband entice or coach your young son or daughter to accuse you or a member of your family of abuse or molestation to gain an edge in a child custody battle?
  • Did a school counselor or other "authority" extract fabricated, condemning testimony from a child as a consequence of "repressed memory syndrome"?
  • Was a complaining witness (the child witness or an adult associated with that child) prompted to make a "pretext call" to you which resulted in a recording in your own voice which seems to be self-incriminating?

Whatever the facts or circumstances behind your criminal defense needs involving child pornography or child molestation in San Diego County, contact San Diego Criminal Defense to schedule a free, confidential consultation. We offer validated parking, and weekday, weekend, and evening appointments for your convenience.

Discuss your case with an experienced trial attorney who understands your urgent needs: avoidance of jail or prison, reduction of charges, case dismissal, avoidance of inclusion on California's Megan's Law sex offender Web site, and / or expungement of the offense from your criminal record.